Judith A Orr A Fairy Walk Fantasy Dolls and Miniatures
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2018 - Dollhouse Collector, May 2018 Issue, Page 41, Good Sam Show

2017 - Dollhouse Miniatures, March/April Issue, Pg 45, "The Miniature Show"

2017 - American Miniaturist, March/April Issue, "The Miniature Show"

2015 - Dollhouse Miniatures,  Sept/Oct Issue, Page 54

2015 - American Miniaturist, September ll Issue, Page 53

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2014 - American Miniaturist, October, 2014

2014 - Dolls House World, UK Publication, September Issue

2014 -  Dolls House World, UK Publication, August Issue

2014 - Good Sam Show Blog:  http://goodsamshowblogspot.com - Click on "May" to view the Write-up and Photographs

2014 - March Issue, Dollshouse World, Page 32, Picture and Information; Page 42, Pictures and Information

2013 - Miniature Collector, July issue, Page 55, Picture and Information

2013 - UK Publication, Dolls World, April 2013 Issue, Carolyn Walden Article, Picture and Credits of Renaissance Court Jester Original Doll in her Finished Project.

2013 - UK Publication, Dollshouse World, May issue, Page 38-45, Picadilly Masquerade Article includes write-up and Photographs.

2012 - American Miniaturist - March 2012 Issue, Cover, Jester seated in Windowseat; Pg. 36, Full Page Picture of Renaissance Court Jester Original Doll; Pg. 29, Bottom, Windowseat, Jester

2012 - American Miniaturist - February 2012 Issue, Pg. 22, Old world Theater with Punch and Judy Puppets; 1: Scale; Good Sam Gallery

Judy Orr

2011 - Dollhouse Miniatures - January/February Issue, "FEATURES" Section, Featurette from Good Samaritan Show, San Jose, Pg. 34

2010 - Miniature Collector - "Grande Dame of the Sea" Mermaid, July Issue, Pg. 10

2009 - Miniature Collector - February Issue, Pg. 24, "Fancy Flora, the Fantail", Picture
2009 - Miniature Vignette "VIPO the Flying Dog", Childrens Television Series, Commissioned Gift for Show Creator, Yaakov Chai

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2008 - July, NAME National Convention Program, Nashua, New Hampshire
2008 - Miniature Gazette, Nov/Dec Issue, Pg. 18, Roundtable Treasures, 1" Baby Fairies

2007 - Gump's Catalog, San Francisco, Item LX143305, "Goose Egg with Santa Ornament" Contracted with Christmas All Year for handmade Accessories
2007 - Tokyo, Japan, Participated in "Under 15 cm Teddy Bear Show", September, Theme piece on display at Tokyo, Japan, Teddy Bear Museum

2006 - Northern California Egg Artistry Program, Sacramento, CA, March
2006 - Miniature Collector, June Issue, Pg. 9, Picture
2006 - Miniature Gazette, Vol. 34, No. 6, July/August issue, Pg. 8, Picture
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2006 - "Under 15 cm Teddy Bear Show", Tokyo, Japan Theme piece on display at Tokyo, Japan Teddy Bear Museum
2006 - Faerie Magazine, Spring Issue, Pg. 61, Picture

2005 - Smithsonian Christmas Catalog, commissioned by G.J.'s for Teddy Bear Ornaments for 1" Sc. Victorian Teddy Bear Tree; Cover Photo, Item 67504, Tree

2005 - Faerie Magazine, Autumn Issue, "Showcase of Artists", Pg. 50

2004 - "A Fairy Walk", book written and illustrated by Judith A. Orr, for true Fairy Enthusiasts and Collectors

2003 - Dollhouse Miniatures, April Issue, "Alice" Vignette, Picture

2002 - Dollhouse Miniatures, April Issue, "Mermaid Figures", Pg. 66, Picture

1998 - Renaissance Magazine, Wedding Issue, January, Article
1998 - Mercury Register, Oroville, CA Newspaper, Article, Front Page and Pg. 1

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1994 - Nutshell News, January Issue, Fairies
1994 - Contemporary Doll, April issue, Pg. 17, "Le Catalogue" Section
1994 - Le Magazine de la Maison de Poupee, No. 28, Cover, France

1992 - Best in Fantasy Original Class Award, Doll Artisan Guild, West Coast
1992 - News & Review, Fair Oaks Renaissance Faire, Ad
1992 - All Judy Orr Designs are copyrighted

1990 - Best of Class Award, 22" Elfin, California State Fair

1984 - Best of Class Award, Clay Norwegian Elfin, California State Fair


Albrecht & Associates, 2009, Commissioned 2 Full sized Elfins for Disney Executive;"Drid, the Wizard", 22" & "Berry, the Goodwill Ambassador" Elfin, 16"; both figures with Resin Heads & Hands on Foam Articulated Bodies with weighted feet.
Gumps, San Francisco, 2007 and 2006 with "Christmas All Year" Company, Miniature work for Handcrafted Eggs offered
The Belagio, Las Vegas, Miniature work for Handcrafted Eggs offered
Smithsonian Christmas Catalog for 2005, Ornaments for the 1" Scale Victorian Teddy Bear Tree offered
Stage One, A Window Design Company - 1987; Full scale Jester Stick work incorporated with the mechanical "Workshop Window Scene" for a Canadian Department Store
Albrecht & Associates; 2009, Commissioned Gift Vignette for Show Creator, Yaakov Chai; "VIPO the Flying Dog", Childrens Television Program
2007 and 2006, Teddy Bear Displays, at Japan Teddy Bear Museum, Tokyo
2007, Figures for Dollhouse Electrified Lamps, Tec Innovations
2009/2010, Figures for Dollhouse Electrified Lamps, Miniscules

Teri's Mini Workshop, 2011, Tiki Mugs Models,, 2015 Giseppi, Italian Chef figure for Menu Slate Boards


IGMA - International Guild of Miniature Artisans. Artisan Status
IEAG - International Egg Art Guild, Member
NAME - National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts, Member
CIMTA - Cottage Industry Miniature Trade Assn, Member, Exhibitor
SCA - Society of Creative Anachronism, Past Member
ICGGBA - International Costumers Guild of the Greater Bay Area
ODALS - Original Doll Artists Leage of Sacramento, Past Member
DAG - Doll Artisans Guild, Past Member

SHOWS in 2012

February 12-14, Miniatures West Annual Show, Culver City, CA
March 3-4, Sacramento Egg Show, Sacramento, CA
March 25-26, San Jose Club Show, San Jose, CA
May 1, Elegant Sidewalk Sale, Sacramento, CA

August 9-11-Las Vegas Egg Show, Las Vegas, Nevada
August  19-22 - Aztec Miniature Trade Show, Aurora, Ohio

October 6-7, Good Sam Miniature Show, San Jose, CA
November 12, Crossroads Doll Show, San Jose, CA


2008 - "1 3/4" Porcelain Marie Antoinette with Masquerade Mask; Costuming", at Miniatures West Show, Culver City; Elegant Dollhouse, Sacramento
2008 - "5" Renaissance Jester & Bauble, Assembly & Costuming Class", Nashua, New Hampshire; 2008 NAME National Miniature Convention; Larrianne's Small Wonders, Ventura, CA; Good Sam Show, San Jose, CA; Elegant Dollhouse, Sacramento, CA
1" Baby Fairy Kits offered at "Make It/Take It" Night, Nashua NAME Convention

2009 - "Quick Method for Dressing a 5" Santa", Good Sam Show, San Jose, CA

2010 - Sculpting a "Fairy with Animal Friends" Scene for a Goose Egg, Sacramento Egg Show, Sacramento, CA; Long Beach Egg Show, Long Beach, CA
Project offered "Christmas Elves Baking Cookies" Scene, Larrianne's, Ventura, CA
Kids Project taught, "Wizard Hat & Stand, Wand & Spells Book", Good Sam Show, San Jose, CA
Project offered "Victorian Tea Shoppe", NAME Convention, Seattle; Good Sam Show San Jose, CA

2011 - Old World Puppet Theater with Punch & Judy Puppets, Good Sam Show, San Jose, CA; Kid's Class - Fairy Door Project - San Jose, CA; Las Vegas Showgirl Egg with Porcelain Showgirl, Las Vegas Egg Show, Las Vegas, Nevada

2012 - Old English Tea Shoppe Egg Project, Sacramento Egg Show, Sacramento, CA; Seattle Washington Egg Show; Kid's Project, Tiny Toy Theater, San Jose Good Sam Show; Fortune Teller Booth, Adults, San Jose Good Sam Show

2013 - Old World Punch and Judy Theater Egg Class, Seattle Egg Show; Old World Punch and Judy Theater w/Puppets Class, Miniature's West Show, Culver City, CA

2014 - Hurdy Gurdy Music Man w/hand-sculpted Monkey Class, Miniature's West Show, Culver City, CA

2015 - Balloon Seller and Little Girl Customer Class, Culver City Miniature's West Show, CA

2016 -  Lady Juggler Class, Miniatures West Show, Culver City, CA - Due to illness, cancelled

2017 - Lady Juggler Class, Miniatures West Show, Culver City, CA - Feb 11-12,

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